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Social media. It’s a beautiful way of telling a brand story, showing your product or business culture, building loyalty, and engaging with consumers who are harder and harder to reach. It’s an incredible long-term investment and method for keeping lines of communication with your audience as open as possible.

When you’re a business owner or the member of a marketing team, this can add a lot of work to your plate. Let us help relieve you of the work.


What we can do


Struggling to plan and manage a social media editorial calendar? Worried that you’re flying by the seat of your pants? We take a holistic look at your business objectives and plan accordingly. This means big-picture strategy that’s assessed on a quarterly basis as well as monthly calendars that layout what gets posted, where, and why.


Develop a voice and begin to use it. From blog posts to Instagram, LinkedIn to newsletter copy, our in-house team creates copy that supports your brand’s unique objectives. We plan content a month in advance but leave flexibility for current events and business happenings to drive some content.


Engagement is key in the social media sphere. Consumers expect a reply and want the brands to whom they’re loyal to return the favor. Our social media plans include strategies for engaging with your followers in a positive way.


Have a product or service that makes sense for influencer marketing? We can help with that. Our team will recommend alliances that are a good fit for your brand and recommend strategic outreach that supports your objectives and allows influencers an easy interaction.


How you boost your posts of social media is a game of strategy. We will happily make recommendations for boosted media based on hands-on experience with your brand’s social media. We’ll facilitate the buys and report back to you on them as well as bring any learning to future efforts to the table.


We’ll provide reporting to all social media clients on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean we just pull numbers and throw them your way. You can count of reports that come with strategic recommendations for improvements to be made as we move forward.

Types of Packages


Best for: The brand that has a team that needs foundational strategy and training in order to move forward and successfully manage its social media on its own. If you need a crash course, this is your chance.

Length of contract: 6 months


Best for: The brand that wants to give the social media reigns to the professionals. We encourage you to stay involved and will ask for your collaboration but will steer the ship, reporting in regularly on progress made.

Length of contract: Ongoing

Our Work

Coyote River Hemp Co

Coyote River Hemp Co., a fast-growing CBD firm, approached Stout Heart in need of social media management. They had set up their Instagram account but couldn’t achieve the aesthetic that they were looking for on their own. Stout Heart has helped them shape their voice, establish an aesthetic, and increased impressions by 70.8% within the first month that we were working with them.

Barefoot Medical Spa

Barefoot Medical Spa, one of the Seacoast’s premier Medical Spas, has been working with Stout Heart since its inception. Stout Heart created its logo, brand and website. Now, Stout Heart manages its social media properties. Having a friendly, yet clean aesthetic was very important to the team at Barefoot. Also, because they were a brand new business, they wanted to voice to be encouraging and inviting. Stout Heart was able to reach an average engagement rate of 13.2% in the first four months with Barefoot.

Oceanside Physical Therapy

Oceanside Physical Therapy, the Seacoast’s premier pelvic-floor focused physical therapy office, originally engaged Stout Heart for a brand refresh where Stout Heart established a clear look-and-feel for the brand. A year later, Oceanside engaged in a five-month social media overhaul with Stout Heart. During this time, Stout Heart created a clear, easy-to-execute strategy for Oceanside’s Instagram account that resulted in a 70% increase in followers and an over 1,400% increase in engagement compared to the five-months before Stout Heart got involved. Stout Heart also redesigned the Oceanside website in keeping with the established brand guidelines.

Susan Gorman Intuitive

Stout Heart created the Susan Gorman website and was then asked to help Susan Gorman build her Instagram following. The goal was to attract clients and eventually build her following to propel her toward influencer status with hopes that it would result in a book deal. Stout Heart was involved from the very beginning of Susan’s Instagram account and continues to manage it on a daily basis, helping Susan with everything from the creation of content to educating her on how to best set up Instagram stories. In the past eight months, Stout Heart has grown her following to over 750 and Susan reports that there has been a substantial uptick in appointments and event attendance since Stout Heart got involved.