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Stout Heart is a full-service marketing agency made up of a team of senior advertising professionals with a background in a diverse roster of industries. We have an excellent track record working with professionals in the commercial real estate development and general realty industries on brand development (and refreshes), website redesigns, marketing support, advertising, and social media management.

One thing that we see regularly in this field is agencies who “specialize” in the industry. And we get it- there are ins and outs that only experience teaches you- but the danger is that your design work looks like you’re using the same cookie cutter for every client. We cannot stress enough the importance of starting every client’s strategy from scratch in order to avoid putting them all in the same box. Your brand is unique and you need to tell that story well in order to avoid the risk of looking and sounding exactly like your competitors.

We also understand your need to provide your internal team with the ability to easily manage content and images to give users high-quality and up-to-date property information to drive sales. Often clients in the real estate industry also need the ability to integrate with MLS listings and backend account management for residents. While some developers will agree to out-of-the-box technology that limits their ability to present their brand and properties to the best of their ability, others see the value in creating a custom website build to their specific needs and functionality requires. That is why top real estate developers choose to partner with Stout Heart.


Our Work

Waterstone Properties

Website | Signage

Waterstone Properties approached Stout Heart in need of websites for several of its properties, beginning with Portsmouth Green in Portsmouth, NH. In preparation for design, the Stout Heart team spent time getting to know the centers and the unique demographic targeted by each. The Portsmouth Green website design was a direct result of the client’s need to give attention to its tenants whose collective target audience consisted of females in their thirties and forties with active lifestyles and families. The result was a beautiful site that helped promote stores and restaurants in the development as well as regular events attracting locals to visit.


Patten Properties


Patten Properties, a real estate developer with properties across the country, asked the Stout Heart team to streamline the design and development process for the individual communities they build. In the process, Patten discovered that their own corporate website, often used by investors, did not advertise their projects in any way. Stout Heart built several property websites and designed and developed the Patten Properties corporate website in order to better showcase their work.


Aland Realty

Branding | Website Design | Collateral

Aland Realty, a long-time partner of Stout Heart’s, knew that a brand refresh was needed in order to keep them relevant in a competitive market. Stout Heart worked with them to preserve the equity of their brand and take it to the next level. Stout Heart also worked closely to build a website for Aland that was fresh and differentiated them from competition. Aland’s growth skyrocketed after the launch of their brand refresh and website redesign.

What Makes Us Different

Expert personnel. Stout Heart strives to put the best people under one roof. This means experienced agency personnel with positive attitudes and egos that are checked at the door. Our teammates have a genuine passion for problem solving and are a pleasure to work with.

Small by choice. Where many agencies seek to grow indefinitely, Stout Heart is small by design. This enables us to provide personalized service to a limited, but carefully chosen, client list. Stout Heart’s smaller size keeps us flexible and nimble- a significant benefit to our clients.

Process. An agency founded by account service professionals is an agency founded in process. In an attempt to keep agency and clients on the same page, Stout Heart has a well-established process that hasn’t lost its ability to adapt to individual client needs.

Work. Creative, well-executed work is our priority. We like a challenge and we tackle each and every one as an opportunity to bring an outside-of-the-box solution to the world.