Cannabis Branding, Package Design, & Exceptional Websites

Let us help you

Let Stout Heart help you tell a brand story, showing your products in beautiful and compliant packaging, showcasing your business culture, building loyalty, and engaging with consumers. It’s an incredible long-term investment that will help create brand loyalists and seperate your cannabis company from your competitors.

Today, just having high-quality strains and various product offerings is not be enough to create loyal, returning customers year after year. You need to present an amazing brand and provide your customers a great website experience that drives sales. Let Stout Heart help you win the hearts of your customers!


What We Can Do


Are you struggling to define your brand or refine it to resonate with your target market? Are you having a hard time determining how you can extend your brand standards to your packaging, storefront, and website? Let Stout Heart help!

We take a holistic look at the brand you want to present to your customers, your business objectives, and define a branding solution. This solution will separate you from your competition while providing highly scalable brand standards that are compliant with all regulations.


Develop a brand and use it the right way, everwhere! From signage to labels to product boxes, our in-house team creates cost-efficient and scalable package designs for your brand’s unique objectives. We work with you to extend your brand to all of your product packaging and customer touchpoints to create a consistent brand in the marketplace that not only resonates with your customers but also meets compliance.


Providing a website that meets your customers’ needs and expectations will set you apart from the other growers and sells of cannabis products. Now, more than ever, your target market demands a website experiences that helps them complete their tasks with ease, provides time-saving solutions, and are accessible on mobile devices.

By meeting these expectations, you can easily create brand loyalist through great product pages, easy engagement options to interact with your clients, and secure shopping cart experiences tied to store or location pickup for convenience.

Why Stout Heart?


Stout Heart is a full-service creative marketing agency. Whether you need strategic guidance for a high-level marketing challenge, new branding to make a splash in the marketplace, a custom website design with robust functionality, or simply want a print or web production partner, we can help achieve your business objectives. We are a relationship-driven marketing agency. Our aim is to build true partnerships with our clients from the start, setting a strong foundation for future work together.


Our size allows us to be nimble and our team to be tight-knit. That’s something you can’t put a price on. We never want our people, our greatest asset, to feel like cogs in a massive agency machine. And we never want our clients to suffer as a result of a majority striated agency org chart. That means you won’t get a dog and pony show from us, for very good reason. You get the best of us, at all times, backed by years of working with some of the top brands and we will leverage our expertise to meet your goals.

Our Work

Coyote River Hemp Co

Coyote River Hemp Co., a fast-growing CBD firm, approached Stout Heart in need of social media management. They had set up their Instagram account but couldn’t achieve the aesthetic that they were looking for on their own. Stout Heart has helped them shape their voice, establish an aesthetic, and increased impressions by 70.8% within the first month that we were working with them.

3 Bridges Yoga

3 Bridges Yoga, one of the seacoast’s premier yoga studios, was bought by Stephanie Paolini and Marla Cinilia in early 2017. The duo felt strongly that this was the right time to refresh many aspects of their brand in order to align with their vision of serving their students from a place of grounded authenticity and becoming one of the leading schools of yoga in the area. Stout Heart was challenged with re-imagining their branding and website to better communicate 3 Bridges’s new mission.

Barefoot Medical Spa

Barefoot Medical Spa, one of the Seacoast’s premier Medical Spas, has been working with Stout Heart since its inception. Stout Heart created its logo, brand and website. Now, Stout Heart manages its social media properties. Having a friendly, yet clean aesthetic was very important to the team at Barefoot. Also, because they were a brand new business, they wanted to voice to be encouraging and inviting. Stout Heart was able to reach an average engagement rate of 13.2% in the first four months with Barefoot.

TNT Bitters

Founded in 2017, New York-based TNT Bitters Co. creates cocktail bitters with explosive flavor. The name and vision for the brand was largely a reaction against the over saturation of apothecary-style branding in an already pretentious space, and the desire to market bitters that were fun and approachable. TNT challenged Stout Heart with creating a light-hearted but professional and adaptable identity that would bring to light the unique personality of the brand and help it stand apart from the competition.

We helped refine their brand to be bold, bright, playful, energetic and draws heavily from comic-style graphics. Having a certain amount of freedom within the look-and-feel allows the brand to adapt and grow as new products are developed and as new applications are needed. Strategically executing this style means that every product has its own unique graphics and color palette, but the brand as a whole remains cohesive.