Brand Refresh: How 3 Bridges Yoga Did It Right

Feb 09, 2018

At Stout Heart we dream of clients who will let us flex a little creative muscle; clients who think outside the box and don’t mind operating outside of the norm. In our brave three years in business,  we have been lucky enough to come across multiple clients who fit this description. They came to us because they want something a little different and that’s what they’ve come to expect from us.

Stephanie Paolini and Marla Cinilia, who have recently acquired 3 Bridges Yoga studio, felt strongly that this was the right time to refresh many aspects of their brand in order to align with their vision of serving their students from a place of grounded authenticity and becoming one of the leading schools of yoga in the area.  This was music to Stout Heart’s ears as we were able to accomplish this feat by re-imagining their branding and website to better reflect their beautiful studio spaces in a more cohesive display.

The first thing that we, as partners, tackled was the brand: It felt out dated, inorganic and too similar to everything else in the industry.

Original Logo:

Competitive Landscape:

Staphanie and Marla asked Stout Heart to create a brand that felt inviting, organic, smart and natural- a brand that evokes emotion and exudes healing. They were also looking to strike a balance between masculine and feminine. Stout Heart did just that.

After multiple rounds of revisions maintaining a strong desire to stay authentic, some tough decisions were made -resulting in the final brand and supporting elements (complete with hand-drawn elements) shown below:


Once the brand was established, Stout Heart was able to tackle the website redesign that recently launched:

3 Bridges Yoga

We couldn’t be more excited for Stephanie, Marla, and the entire 3 Bridges Yoga community. The new brand reflects where the studio is heading and we can’t wait to see how things unfold in the next few years.

Are you looking to update your brand? Get in touch with us to get the conversation started.