Best Date Night Restaurants in Portsmouth, NH

Feb 14, 2020

Sure, we’re a marketing agency with lots of technical expertise but you know what else we love doing? Eating. Between website builds, campaign creative, branding projects, and social media brainstorming sessions, we’ve spent a respectable amount of time exploring the eateries in our neighborhood and have been to quite a few date night restaurants worth visiting.

Locals know that there is no shortage of eating establishments in our lovely New Hampshire town. In fact, it’s common knowledge in Portsmouth that if every resident of the city wanted to eat out on the same night, there would be enough seats for everyone in the restaurants here. Even more remarkable, the bar set by the hospitality industry in the Seacoast is as high as we’ve ever seen it in a town our size. Whether you’re a Valentine’s Day aficionado or just a food lover, we’ve got quite a list of the best date night locations in our lovely Portsmouth.

1. Botanica

Small, intimate, unique, and out of the downtown Portsmouth parking snarl, Botanica is a relative newcomer to the Portsmouth restaurant scene but holy cow did they show up. Their menu is small, lovely, and nice without being pretentious. If you don’t try their agnolotti, you’re a fool and the extra wait for an Enna chocolate soufflé is worth every second. Bonus: Botanica specializes in fantastic gin drinks! 


110 Brewery Lane, Suite 105

Portsmouth, NH



2. Raleigh

It’s just. So. Pretty. With a space that is light and fresh and a wine list that is tough to rival, Raleigh is a remarkable spot. The restaurant is smack-dab in front of Memorial Bridge, which makes it the perfect place to grab a meal before a show at Prescott Park. With a menu that changes regularly, this place is always sure to surprise you. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the wines they offer so if you’re looking for advice on pairings, you’re in the right spot. Side note: Raleigh has one of the best brunches in town so if you’re looking to make it more casual, you found your place!


67 State Street

Portsmouth, NH

(603) 427-8459


3. Black Trumpet

We told you we like cozy spots and the Black Trumpet probably tops that list. With beautiful exposed beams and view onto the tugboats, there’s no dining establishment in Portsmouth that will give you quite this many feels. Chef Evan Mallett (who has an amazing cookbook) does an amazing job showcasing season foods in exciting ways. This spot never fails us and will always be a favorite.


29 Ceres Street

Portsmouth, NH



4. Cava

Tapas makes for the most interactive and intimate of meals and Cava specializes in taking tapas to the next level. Spanish-inspired with a New England touch, this restaurant is a gem. If you’re planning ahead for a reservation, make sure to ask if you can sit at the chef’s table, where you’ll have a front row seat to watch the master at work. And don’t miss the churros for dessert. Your sweet tooth will thank you.


10 Commercial Alley

Portsmouth, NH 

(603) 319 1575


5. The Franklin

Want to keep it casual without sacrificing quality? The Franklin is your place. Serving up local oysters and the best fried chicken in town with a cocktail menu that is nothing short of spectacular, you can’t not be a fan.


148 Fleet Street

Portsmouth, NH

(603) 373-8500